Week 4: E-Commerce

Regarding E-Commerce, I will now talk about my positive and my negative experiences with shopping online.

On Singles Day 2014, I had ordered a bunch of items from the famous online fashion store ASOS. I was super excited about getting them but two weeks AFTER the predicted arrival date, I still did not get my items. When I contacted ASOS support, they asked me to check with my neighbours if they had taken my items or check with the local courier service, which was Singpost. I had never encountered any problems with the service of Singpost. After a few exchanges with ASOS support, they told me they were sending me a replacement package with the items (with some items not included because they were out of stock already so I got refunds for them). Again I waited but two weeks after the estimated arrival date, I still did not receive my items. I contacted ASOS support yet again and they gave me the same replies as before. After many exchanges they decided to just refund me the price I had paid for my items. I haven't dared ordered from ASOS ever since no matter how attractive their deals are.

My favourite purchase with E-Commerce has to be when I purchased t-shirts from WWESHOP.com. I am a huge fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and have been for as long as I can remember. Only recently have I started purchasing shirts directly from wweshop.com because they started shipping directly to Singapore and that makes shipping fees way cheaper. What I especially like about shopping on their site is that they are very prompt with their deliveries, which normally arrive exactly two weeks from the date I order.

Sometime late last year, I ordered two t-shirts that arrived promptly, but when I opened the delivery package, I realised that I had received the wrong shipment that was meant for someone else. I emailed the site's support site to ask for assistance and they asked for my order number and address. 

I was expecting a reply from them but instead I received another replacement package three days later with my correct order. I didn't need to pay any extra fees and they did not ask for the items from the mistake delivery back. I was super impressed with their efficiency and service.

E-Commerce is an amazing element of the Internet and I feel it will only grow bigger and better as time goes by.


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