Week 3: Social Network for Marketing and Business

For the past week of COM125, we were tasked with studying a social media programme that allows us to analyse our social media usage. My group chose Spredfast.

Spredfast is a social marketing programme that allows an individual or company to monitor the flow of visitors that visit all their social media accounts. The social media tool allows the user to see useful information like what specific content drew the most users and at what time did most visitors view the specific content. The user can even monitor certain demographic information about their visitors, such as their genders.

The user can in-turn use the information to plan and strategise not only the content they put up but also the optimal time to put the content up onto their site. The content they can monitor range from blogposts and articles to social media posts like tweets on Twitter.

Spredfast has multiple tiers of premium utility, priced at different price points that allow a user to decide on how much they want to get out of the programmes. Most of the more pricier tiers are tailored for usage by companies to monitor their customers (like for the video below, Hyundai monitors their dealers). However, I feel the free version is adequate for the layman like me.

I like the functions of Spredfast and what it allows a user to monitor, however if I was to criticise one point about the social marketing tool is its clunky user interface. As an avid gamer and technology lover, a tech's UI is a very important aspect to me. Even if a programme is super useful, the UI would be what makes me stick to using it. I strongly believe that a programme that has a useful function, like that of Spredfast, needs to have a simple and easy-to-navigate UI to keep themselves in business.

Spredfast has a boring UI with a graph in the middle. It looks like many other statistics programmes in the market. It provides raw data to the user but does not tell the user (or suggests even) what it means.

If I were to use Spredfast, I would use it to see which of my Facebook posts (most of them being funny videos), what type of content I post is liked best by my friends. With this information I could tailor my posts to be only the funniest videos so that more of my Facebook friends would think I'm funny and like me better in real life. I may further use this information to tailor my personality to become a funnier person in real life and make more friends. The possibilities...


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