Week 12: Case Study on Internet Innovators (Google / Apple / Microsoft)

I will now talk about an Internet Innovator, whose HQ I have personally visited and want to work for in the future. Google was founded in 1996 and since then have become a global company besides just being primarily a search engine. Among my friends, their email service is the most popular, their project tools i.e Google Docs and Slides are essential for project work to be done among students and executives alike.

How did Google become so big? When I visited, I asked my guide Meng, a Singaporean who was one of the pioneers at Google that had started working there in the 90s. He started out as a programmer but at that point of time (2011), his job scope was to find the meaning of life. He was being paid to try and answer an abstract and philosophical question. It is this attitude and culture that Google exemplifies and maintains that I credit for its success.

Just look at their rivals yahoo.

Besides all its many products and services, Google also constantly looks towards the future with its planned innovations. Long gone are the days when Google was only known as a search engine, or solely for their software developments. My favourite one from them in recent years has to be the Google cardboard.

It is a virtual reality hardware that is comparatively inexpensive compared to other available virtual reality technology in the market, and it works! It's essentially a viewer, made out of cardboard that you fold to craft and slot your mobile phones into to view VR through! Since its release, Google Cardboard VR applications have been downloaded millions of times from the Google Play store, so I'm not the only one who thinks its amazing.

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a VR headset, you can buy Google Cardboard for less than $10 and use your existing phone as a VR viewer. Whoever came up with the idea deserves a promotion and a really fat bonus.


  1. And in fact Google has out do Microsoft! Just see how their Web Apps are starting to become more popular than the Microsoft Office Programs. The difference is, Google's one is FREE. Sucks to be you Microsoft.


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