Week 2: How I use Social Media

I like to think I am not dependent on social media, but honestly I think I am slightly addicted. I check up on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat many times a day. I am especially guilty of sharing and tagging my friends on funny videos that appear on Facebook.

Perhaps my "addiction" is one of the many living examples of how successful social media has become.

I like to use social media like Facebook and Instagram to check up on my friends. I can keep up with the latest happenings in their lives, like what they are doing in life right now and which one of them is getting married.

Only when I worked for my Polytechnic internship in the communications department of Resorts World Sentosa did I learn of how social media can be used professionally to promote a company's image. Since then I have been monitoring how different companies and public figures use social media as a tool to reflect an image they want to be associated with.

Professionally, social media can be used by a company to promote its product, promote itself, and to cover its backside practise crisis management.

When I was at RWS, I witnessed first-hand how the company used its social media platforms to defend its activities and decisions, such as the controversial issue on the captivity of dolphins in its Marine Life Park. Together with educating its employees and proper utilization of its social media platforms, the company was successful in managing its public image. The Marine Life Park launch to much fanfare.

Personally, I am very happy for the rise of social media because I feel its presents us with a new way to connect with other people. I look forward to seeing what new aspects of social media will be introduced in the next few years.


  1. It is interesting to note that many young people like us (even the elderly) are facing the issue of being addicted to the social media. I guess the only way we could counter this addiction is to make wise decisions by learning how to control our usage instead of letting the tool control us


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