Extra: Internet Doctors

I fell sick with the flu and a weird rash on my neck this past weekend and wanted to go see the doctor. On my way out of the house my dad asked where I was going and I told him. What followed was a 10-minute lecture on why it's a waste of money to go to the doctor in Singapore unless it was some really serious illness and why going to the doctor on a Saturday is a waste of an MC.

I decided to go back to my room and continue studying as much as I could before I needed to sleep again. While studying I realised I could try googling my symptoms and find out ways to make myself feel better (especially the itchy rash). One quick search of  "red itchy bumps on neck" on google led me to a website listing possible causes for my rash and ticklish nose.

I narrowed the cause down to one reason and it was a very obvious one. Dog saliva. I had been playing extensively with my dog the day before when I brought him to play at the neighbourhood park. It doesn't occur very often but once in a while, it does.

This is my dog Bono.

What I had on my neck was hives. Apparently it's a reaction to the proteins inside my dog's saliva. I got my parents to go to the pharmacy to get me Benadryl, as recommended on the site. I took a dose and went to sleep as instructed. I woke up and was perfectly fine.
It's incredibly impressive how I can now look to the Internet for solutions to my medical issues. When I was a kid, I believed that doctors were the best and only solution when we fall sick. Their wisdom and expertise are crucial for us to get better. I STILL believe this, but only for the serious illnesses. Like chronic ones, diseases and stuff. However, this weekend, I've learned that the Internet, the mother lode of information, can be relied on to save me from my daily problems.


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