Extra: My Reliance On Technology And What I've Learned.

Even thought I am 24 years old this year, I find it extremely difficult to remember life before technology became so pervasive in so many aspects of my life. Seriously, it's actually tiring to think.

One incident that showed me exactly how reliant I have become on technology was when I accidentally got a litre of water into my laptop. My 1-litre water bottle had uncapped inside my backpack and the water had went into my laptop. My laptop short circuited and would not turn on. What made the situation way worse was that that day was also the submission date for a major ESL408 assignment (the final research paper).

This incident taught me two important things, the first was to save all my school work on a cloud system like dropbox, the second was that society and myself have become super reliant on technology in completing our tasks, whether its school work or work work.

Long gone were the days when our assignments were completed on paper and filled out with a pen.

Comparing my polytechnic to my university life (which was two years apart :(   ), I can easily see how much technology has been integrated into the process of completing school work. In poly, we either bought hard copies of our lecture notes or received the slides directly from our lecturers (usually through a "class monitor"). In uni, we download our slides, which our lecturers upload, directly from a university portal which is super convenient. In poly, we submitted our projects to our lecturers in hard copies or on CD-ROMs if they wanted us to give them the soft copies. In Uni, we upload our assignments onto the portal and receive our grades through the portal too (UBLearns FTW).

I can foresee my working life to also be highly integrated with technology, but I have come to accept that this is a good thing that is ubiquitous and inescapable.


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