Week 11: The Internet of Things

I was super blown away when I first heard of the term, " THE INTERNET OF THINGS". I started to imagine all the things around me, in my house somehow connected to the Internet, like a house that is connected to the Internet. =P

I imagined doing something I always do in private when I am alone in the dark, in my room....playing video games and how it would be like if everything was connected. I would be able to control the height of my chair, the angle it tilts with my computer. I could control the temperature of the air-conditioning in my room with my computer. I could control the lights in my room with my computer. OR all these could be done automatically for me, depending on the situation I am in. What if there's technology that can read my mood and evaluate from what I'm doing what kinds of conditions do I want most WITHOUT THE NEED FOR MY COMPUTER?

Would it even be possible for my chair, my lights, my air-conditioning to be controlled and be integrated into my gaming experience? Could I be playing a video game and my chair shakes according to what my character goes through, eg. falling down? Could I be playing a video game set in a cold environment and my air-conditioning adjusts drops as it gets colder in the game?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the devices we use on a daily basis to be integrated into newer technology. The Internet of things is amazing.


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