Extra: Why Are Our Phones Slowing Down?

I only noticed in these past few weeks, my mobile phone isn't working as fast as it used to. It loads pages on the Internet slower, it opens applications slower, animations in games flicker and applications crash randomly. These are some of the things that I have come to recognize as the symptoms of a mobile phone's aging hardware. This is not a new phenomenon by any means.

I remember when I got my first mobile phone from my parents. It was a Nokia 7250i. I was ten years old then and only got my second phone three years later, which was my father's hand-me-down because he had got an upgrade. My first Nokia was still working perfectly and the battery life was fantastic. Ever since then, I have gone through ten mobile phones.

I only noticed the problem of my phones becoming slow and less efficient when I got my first smart phone, the iPhone 3GS. My iPhone 3GS was part of the pioneer batch for Apple's third iPhone and back then, no one else I knew was using an iPhone. Most people didn't even own smart phones. The iPhone 3GS was amazing and had no other phone that could match its capabilities. Only when the original Samsung Galaxy and the next iPhone was released did I notice my iPhone running less smoothly.

I believe this problem exists because developers are creating applications and software improvements at an alarmingly fast rate. A faster rate than the hardware can handle. By the time the second model after your current phone comes out, you will start to notice your phone running slower. I see this as both a positive and a negative. The positive side is that we are expanding the possibilities and capabilities of smart phones through these new developments and improvements, while the negative side is that we as consumers have to be willing to fork out significant money every couple of years to keep up with the latest mobile hardware. I am waiting for the day that mobile phone companies develop a phone that can reasonably handle the software improvements for at least five years after its release.


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