Extra: My Love for Gaming

Throughout my lifetime, I have seen first-hand how the video games industry has evolved. I am an avid gamer and have been gaming since I was seven years old. I even remember the first video game I ever played, "A Bug's Life" on the original Playstation console. I game regularly on my relatively good gaming PC and also on my Playstation 4.

As the years go by, I am extremely impressed by how video game companies are slowly making the impossible possible. Recent releases such as the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 Pro have increased the industry's "negative entropy" significantly. With realer-than-life graphics from every new game release and cooler gaming capabilities, such as Virtual Reality gaming, one thing that is often overlooked is the overall acceptance of video gaming.

Video gaming today has less of a negative connotation attached to it than a couple of years ago. When I was younger, every time an adult was to talk about video games, they would talk about it in a negative light. Violence and waste of time were common words that adults like my parents would throw around. They don't bother me about my hobby anymore. I recently had a chat with my father about video games, and he admitted to me that in recent years, he has come to accept that video gaming is my outlet to relax and leave my troubles temporarily. He sees me now as a responsible adult who knows how to manage his time. He also sees video gaming as my equivalent of his many hobbies, such as watching television and listening to vinyls.

I guess I'm finally an adult in my parents' eyes.


  1. Hey Mark, I definitely agree with you. I personally think that gaming has often been misconstrued to be 'childish'. Honestly, it's very ironic because I feel that console/PC games are definitely not affordable by kids. Kids will have to get their parents to buy the games for them. So why would gaming be a 'childish' pursuit? IMO, games should now be targeted for adults because adults have the spending power and this is evident with games getting ratings like T(een) and M(ature). Free games targeted at children obviously do make money, but I think that these are more evident in the form of in-app purchases especially with the advent of tablets and smartphones.


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