Week 13: Summary

I thoroughly enjoyed COM125: Introduction to the Internet. I am happy to be done with the semester but am also sad to say goodbye to my classmates. From the first class onward, I knew this was going to be a fun class I would look forward to every week. I especially loved the interactive activities we were tasked to do.

My favourite topic of all the many topics we covered in this module was AR and VR, because I personally love this technology. I recently purchased a Virtual Reality headset that I enjoy using every week whenever I don't have a blogpost to do. I love it's infinite possibilities and the fact that I thought this technology was many years away makes it faaaaar more impressive to actually experience it in the comfort of my room.

I think I am going to try developing a VR application based on the COM125 class experience, so that students in the future can experience the joy of COM125 without actually attending it. It will also give other students who sadly cannot get a slot in this highly popular class the opportunity to enjoy and learn the infinite possibilities of the internet.

This will also be my final post on this blog, but it will not be my final experience blogging. Another great thing this module has brought me is the habit of blogging. I realised it's highly therapeutic and I enjoy the discussions it brings about.


  1. Wow, did u get slapped while using your VR? also can't wait for your application, haha.

  2. Hi Mark!

    I hear similar things about you getting slapped while using the VR. Did it augment your Virtual Reality experience - by adding another dimension into it. haha. I hope your plans to make the application does actually materialize some day. Regina and myself would really love to experience it! Thanks for being an understanding groupmate :)


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